The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

Hello sweet bloggie lovelies!

This is the time of year that I look forward to the most! Not only because thanksgiving is my all time favorite holiday (hello carbs), but because of everything it embodies... Which includes the fact that your Christmas decor is finally unleashed into the glittery light filled splendor that it should be! This holiday season I find myself grateful for a number of things. I'll talk of those first and then of course Christmas decor photos is a must!

I give every thanks to God for...
The good health of my family, my friends, and myself. (I had my first mammogram a few weeks ago and it shows I am cancer free!)
The faith that I have I God.
The husband God brought into my life this year.
The amazing celebration we were able to have with everyone we and our families know and love in honor of our wedding.
The simple things... A home, food, jobs and simple comforts that we often take for granted.
Love... In family, in spouses, in our true friends, and that of strangers who help others.
And also glitter... Glue guns... the ever wonderful "50% Off Sale" that is always going on at hobby lobby... I am thankful for girlfriends to invite over to enjoy our newly made Christmas delights during our annual HOLIDAY PANTY PARTY!

That's right ladies! It's that time of year to gather the best girlfriends you know and enjoy a night of girlie holiday fun! Martinis, treats, a girlie games all by the light of the tree and the sparkle of each ornament! It's one of my favorite nights because it's so relaxed, silly, and girlie! The Panty Party will be our first holiday gathering of the season and to say I am excited is a serious understatement. The Panty Party is hosted by my bestie Emily and I and it began as a tradition while we were in college. Over the years our group of girlfriends has evolved a grown... As it continues to do... and now its a much bigger night than when we first began! "The More the Merrier" is absolutely the perfect sentiment for this party. Each year with each new friend in attendance it's better and better. This year it is being held at my house and Em and I have lots of great treats in store! Party Pics will follow in a later post gals!

For now let's talk Pre-Party home prep! I love making christmas decorations. Garland, wreaths, trees, more garland, and possibly 3 more wreaths... I love it all. From the application of each sparkle to every burn I will surely suffer from my glue gun, I basque in the glory of a fully blinged and perfect Chriatmas original. Advisory... If there's no glitter your craft is not complete gals! Hello people Christmas is the celebration of the birth of Jesus! Thus, it is only natural that my home should look like it's a birthday celebration the entire month of December (and possibly January if I can convince Michael the holiday splendor should remain!). To prepare for not only this special occasion, but also for my own personal love of all that is Christmas decor, I give you my personal winter wonderland...

Candy Cane Wreath... with lights in the mesh ribbon!

 A little "P"ersonalization! 

Bay Window Decor for the Bean!

Sofa Table Entry

Front View

Apothacary Jars with Ornaments inside! My Fav addition this year!

The Hearth and Fireplace.

Front View

Christmas Tree!

Second Tree in the Kitchen

The Peacock Tree Topper my Mom made! Crafting runs in the family.

Burlap Table Runner! So easy to make...Outline a letter.. add glitter...string ornaments with fishing line! 

Front View

Full Length

Kitchen Wreath :)

This was made by one of my Besties and other Party Hostesses... Emily Bradley...TOO CUTE!

Cheers Lady Bugs! 



A Baby Pumpkin Patch

Hi Ladies,

Happy Fall to you all! Today was a very exciting day... Baby Shower Day! My best friend Sarah is having a precious baby boy. He is expected to arrive into the world on Christmas Day. Could there be a better gift on Christmas? Fall is a season of love for me and my girlfriends. Fall is when we all met each other at UK, fall is when we tailgate, go to football games, spend time at Keeneland, play outside, fall is the time when weddings have happened, when we carved pumpkins, we could jump in the car put the windows down and sing at the top of our lungs while the crisp breeze rolled across our skin, fall today was a day we celebrated a new chapter... babies. I am so excited for Sarah and Matt and their son to be, Mr. Carver Mclin Pank. I was so happy to see Sarah and of course talk everything baby boy today! Emily Bradley, Emily Kapp and myself hosted our Fall Baby Pumpkin Shower at my mom's house. My mom cooked the most delicious "baby sized" foods. As many of you know my mom is pretty much the best thing on the planet. Please enjoy the pictures of everything baby, fall, and friendship below.

Carver's Candy Table with Party Favors

The Buffet!

Hot and Cold Cider with Mason Jar Cups! 


Diaper Cake

Mommy Sarah and Baby Carver's Gifts! {atop a bail o'hay}

Dessert Table {Pumpkin Cake Balls, Pumpkin Trifles, and Chocolate Peanut Buttercup Cookies}

Sarah's Mom, Grandmother, Sister, Mother in Law, and Sister in Law


Gifts on the Hay!

Party Favors {Cake Balls}

Pumpkin Cake Balls {Cake Balls are a fine art. They are tricky little devils with the power to leave you broken hearted sitting on your kitchen floor crying covered in chocolate candy coating... I've been there sisters.}

Baby ducks about to dive in!

Carver Mclin Pank

Shower Invitations

Baby Food Jars from our shower game...have Sarah taste all the baby food and guess what flavor it is. Pretty sure Carver will never eat anything with Chicken in the title. 

The sign I made...Thanks Hobby Lobby for your bedazzley paper options.

Mommy Sarah

For his rough days at the office.


For the Safari Nursery

Duh every baby boy needs Sperrys

Whale Shaped Bathtub

Mommy Sarah and Hostesses 

Well Ladies... I hope you are as excited as I am about this sweet babes which will soon be born into this world! Congrats Mommy Sarah! We love you and sweet baby Carver!

A Newly Mrs.