Planning a Party Pants Kinda Night...

...It ain't easy Gals, but it's sure worth it.

Those of you who know me well, know that I love... I mean LOVE... a good party. If its one I am hosting or helping to plan that ups the anty significantly because I have a problem when it comes to coordinating a soiree. I get obsessed with it. Honestly, I think its the the "little touches" that really send me into the unhealthy place of obsessed, but damn if it doesn't make it fun. I am assuming since most all of you follow me because you were introduced to this blog via my big sissy... the one and only PinkLouLou... that you have seen the pics she has posted of many a party. Some of my favorite parties to plan are bachelorette parties as seen here.... or our annual Panty Parties as seen here.

I love little "add on items" for parties that just make everyone smile. For bachelorette parties you can really get sassy with these and stay on a good budget as well. These "Little Touches" included a beautifully designed invitation created by the amazingly talented Brooke. You can find here crafty goodness here. The image she designed for Ellen's bachey was plastered on everything for the event... koozies, bedazzley name tags and labels, itineraries... EVERY. THING. Little gifty goodies are also a great add on for the ultra planner ...monogrammed champagne flutes for the lingerie shower are a must and can be ordered NOW via the PLL Boutique HERE

I also love to know when and where I'm going places and I love it when people feel like they know as well. Then we can cocktail in peace without 100 questions on when we are leaving/going/ dressing/ drinking/ etc, Thus preparing every room for the girls before they arrive complete with an itinerary of events for each room is a must for overnight party planning. The itinerary for Ellen's bachey included things like...a pre-planned fiesta for lunch poolside, a lingerie shower in a private room by the pool and gorgeous dinner with wine and cocktails. While these items may sounds elaborate for planning... it was actually really easy. 

Planning steps for Newbies...
Call hotel, ask questions about WHAT they have that a regular guest may not see from the website, be nice, and ask for free things. :) Hell if you don't ask for it they can't give it to you, so just throw it out there. If they say no... who cares... you're no worse off then before you asked, and hey they may say yes!

The set up is key... just like you can't make a second first impression, you can't recreate someones image of an event after they walk in. Their arrival should be an "entrance". As the hostess your job is to create a special moment for each guest so they feel like it was on purpose that they were invited, that they have arrived, and that you planned accordingly just for them to be there. To do this... you really have to do the leg work but it is totally worth it. When your guests arrive and are full of excitement because they know its going to be an awesome time after that walk in... you know you did it right. 

We were very fortunate to have the uber talented Claire Marie with us to capture the first night of the bachelorette party! I will let her fabulous photos tell you a bit about the first nights details of Ellen's event. Little Ellen has been happily married for over a year and we like to think aside from her awesome husband, that this ladies send off set her up for success.



Having a professional photographer friend is ideal. :) Love You Claire.

Party Pants

Hostesses With the Bridey


This brings me to the Annual Panty Party which Emily and I host each year. Often the most drunken evening of the year, but also the most fun and filled with Shennagains. This year Emily and I determined that we needed to create a "Winter Wonderland" of sorts. Each year the party gets bigger because everyone gets a "Plus One" on their invite. Our goal is to mix girls from all groups of friends and make it bigger each year.... 30+ girls usually come and thats awesome!

Emily and I went about making our winter wonderland by determining first where this could ensue... the garage. Mostly empty... semi warm... easily manipulated by draping table clothes from the ceiling. DONE. And to this decision winter magic became ours. Garage Style. We always want to one up the year before. I fear eventually our only one up remaining will be a Santa Stripper but thats a bridge to cross later. Anyway, the result of winter wonderland below.

You'll also notice that there is a Photobooth set up here. AGAIN... the doings of one Claire Marie. I'll now dazzle you with some of her captured moments. Please remember there had been a number of signature cocktails consumed at this point.

All our Ladies!

Yes it is tradition to wear the panties you won over your outfit.

The Hostesses.

This brings me to signature cocktails, other details and those " LITTLE TOUCHES". Each year we like to think about special details that will make people laugh because the panty party in and of itself is about laughing. The whole premise is set to the idea of the White Elepahnt gift exchange only using panties. Additionally, Emily and her husband wrote a "Night Before Christmas" parody which is read at the start of the panty exchange each year to get things moving. From there panty opening and stealing takes place. Now prior to all of this happening, we have food. Lots. And Cocktails. Make it a double. 

In years past we have come up with a fancy plethora of cocktail accouterment and last year was no different. People LOVE a fun cocktail especially if served in a unique way. See some of our party cocktail history below.

The Prep.

The Product at the Entry.

Cocktail Table and ornament cocktail disposal.

Now amongst the cocktails you will also find little fun holiday details. Headbands. Never did I think crafty holly jolly headbands would result in adult women having a knock down drag out over who wore it longer. I usually make 12 for sharing and typically all are gone, having been worn to the bars at nights end. I love it. 

In closing ladies... get creative with it. Check Pinterest for ideals and such you can follow me here, but be your own party innovator. What would YOU like to see when you walk into a party? Go from there! We will see what panty party 2014 brings to the table here in a few short months! Here's to all the parties coming in 2015!