A Wonderful Weekend for SO Many Reasons!!

This was an absolutely wonderful weekend for a number of reasons. Most of them celebratory reasons from weddings to pageantry, and visiting with great friends. I love when I have weekends like this. You literally feel dead tired on Monday, but the time you had the days before was definitely worth having a case of the Mondays.

Thursday... (I started my weekend early.)
This is the first year that I haven't been in Miss Kentucky for like 4 years. Part of me was a little sad that I have aged out and am now "past my pageant prime" but the other part of me was really excited to eat pizza with my pageant friends post pageant so I guess everything evened out. We sat nervously in the audience waiting for the girls we know and love to come out on stage and rock! The best part is...they did! I got a little teary eyed watching some of my friends up there on stage and missing our fun during pageant summer camp, but the friends I sat with in the audience are as close to me as sisters and we all met competing together. Even though we aren't competing anymore we still all came to watch and spend time together because those weeks at summer camp brought us more then crowns, glitter and butt glue it gave us friendships. Now, we are in each others weddings, planning trips together, and indulging in carbohydrates which is awesome. Sadly, I was only able to attend Thursday night this year (but it was for a good reason...A WEDDING!!), but my girlies kept me posted via text message. Love these ladies!

Saturday I got great news that the lovely Djuan Trent was crowned Miss Kentucky 2010. Shes a fabulous girl, great heart, full of soul, giving, lovely, and talented! You can read about here and her platform here. She's basically amazing and will dominate at Miss America!

Friday and Saturday...
My very good friend Jami Beckner's wedding! I was really excited when she asked me to read in her wedding and was even more excited to be a part of her special day and the rehearsal dinner. Jami and her now husband Matt have been dating for several years and are absolutely the most darling couple! Friday was a whirlwind so here's kind how it went... all the girls hung out at the hotel and got ready, fought heat, an infestation of praying mantises, curled hair, applied lip gloss, packed into cars, ran around on the golf course preparing for the rehearsal, rehearsed the hitching process, crammed back into cars, ate a fabulous dinner and enjoy many a beverage, headed down to Molly's for a few more, walked back to the car only stopping to learn "The Douggie" on a street corner, went back to the hotel, played a few tricks on people and had sweet dreams! Saturday...The Big Day! Was awesome...Jami was gorgeous. Despite having to vacate the premises for a brief fire emergency and knowing that her dress and reception hall were all at stake, she remained calm and was the picture of a lovely and elegant bride. See examples below.

Rehearsing for the Big Day!

Lovely Little Bride to be!

A little celebration before the big celebration!

Getting Ready!

Beautiful Jami Fritts


Fun Wedding Friends!

Mr and Mrs Fritts

Mr Fritts Getting Frisky with his Mrs.

Mrs Fritts breakin it down! (likely to do the Douggie)


More Friends!

Cory practicing for Toddlers and Tiaras. (haha, you're welcome Cory)

Two of the Finest Day of Wedding Coordinators East of the Mississippi

My Date in Michael's Absence (Obviously He's a Lucky Man)

Post wedding I got to have a sleep over with a very good friend Miss (but soon to be Mrs.) Jamie Kovats. Her wedding is in 2 weeks and I literally couldn't be more pumped! Not only was she so kind as to let me crash her house, but she also drove me to and from the wedding. Love her! :)

In other exciting news, my pageant prodigy Jules... Won Miss Bluegrass County Fair on Friday!! YAY! In addition to her big win she also walked away with the swim suit award! Work it girl! She's a doll and I am confident will one day be a Miss America contender! :) Now its time for her to move into to the Miss America system, but first we will be preparing for Miss Kentucky County Fair. Please enjoy how gorgeous she is below!
Rockin Swim Wear!

And Again being very Cheeky!

Work it!!

Getting Crowned!

The Runners Up

She is Gorgeous!!! (Inside and Out!)