Something I LOVE that I hope you will LOVE!

Hi Ladies,

As it is the gift giving season I thought I may share with you one of my favorite things, I hope that it will become one of yours and that maybe you might gift it on to someone else. Step one of this gift is Real Simple Magazine... sigh... I love you. When you come in the mail, it is a very happy day. My mom got this subscription for me a few months back in hopes that I would find great wedding ideas in it. Which of course I did, and many other great ideas on organization, things for my home, gifts for others, and most importantly a very special gift for my mother.

You see, my mom is a worrier, like mother like daughter I suppose, but she is also a big believer in the power of prayer. So much so that rather then spending time in her car listening to the radio, she will often spend that time praying for people she knows need someone thinking of them. She's a wonderful lady. She's an amazing lady. She's a lady through and through. I believe God listens to her. Maybe she doesn't always get the answer in the form she thought, but I believe he listens when we truly call on Him, with the deepest most sincere desires of our hearts. Sometimes prayers we think go unanswered are in fact blessings in disguise... part of Gods plan you see. So knowing all of these things about my mom, now you can understand why when I saw THIS article in real simple magazine I knew what she would be getting for her birthday. Please read it. If you don't read it now most of the rest of this bloggy won't really seem as meaningful. You will be moved to tears because of the amazing truth, love, and warmth displayed in the simplest forms... a pray for her child... or her friends... or for anyone who needs it.

I gave this article along with a God Box, to my mom on her birthday. I know some of you may have read some posts where I have discussed difficulties my family is currently experiencing. My mom takes each of these circumstances not only to heart but to her soul. As a woman who has beat breast cancer 2 times, being the only female survivor of her family, shes a pretty tough cookie. Her internal worry is often hidden by her smile and her warmth. It worries me because re-occurrence of breast cancer often occurs when someones immune system is weakened by the external stress of work, family, or other unforeseen issues. Thus... The God Box was born to our family. My parents have been using it, I have used it, and I think it really works. Its almost like a direct line of communication to the Big Man Upstairs. Its something special, some sacred, and something personal you can always count on to be there.

I think this is a great gift for anyone this holiday season. Print the article, put it in the box, and maybe just maybe get the person started by putting a few of your own prayers in the box first. This can be a scary idea for some.. you know letting go and giving something to God. You see once the prayer goes into the God Box... you've turned it over to God. You may no longer worry, stress, or panic over this prayer because if you do you... have to take it out until you are truly able to give it whole heartily to Him. Its a good way to renew faith in the power of prayer and honestly that's really what this season is all about.



Top 5 Reasons I KNOW I Have Spent TOO Much Time at....

... MY Desk.


It has occurred to me recently that I have spent far too much time at my cube. Although decorated to be comfy, but clearly not as fantastic as Pink Lou Lou's, it's the place where I spend the majority of my week. See below for proof of my less the then lustrous but more then mundane desk space.

Main work space... the Computer and Telephone... mostly telephone. Specifically voice mails. 

Some of the people I love! The pictures I post here I usually choose because I specifically love the memory of the particular moment. I don't know why but for some reason the smallest snapshot of a day ends up being my favorite moment to remember. 

Some other lovelies I love!

 So now that you see the place where I spend the most time I feel you are prepped to understand the points I am about to make regarding the time spent in this area.

# 1) I have more food in my desk drawer then I do in my pantry at home... You can ask Michael. He will tell you he eats subway most days because there is typically nothing to eat at our house. Except the weeks when I go to the grocery and I'm hungry. We typically end up with a fair amount of food, granted it ends up being things that make no sense, in the moment in the grocery lane it was a great idea!
# 2) Anytime I order something online. I have it sent to my office address because if it is sent to my house I would never be there to receive it. Plus when it comes to my office Michael is less likely to know that I bought something new.
# 3) There are more decorative items hanging on the walls of my cubical then there are on the walls of my house. Pictures, plants, etc... Recently I acquired a nice "hook" to hang my car keys on my cube wall. At my house I lose them, throw them on the sofa table, or leave them in Michael's car.
# 4) I have been throwing around the idea of bring a really nice blank to my cube. One because its 27 degrees back here and I am freezing to death and two the sad but true reason because my desk chair needs a little flair and I feel a throw blank would really give it something extra special.
# 5) The main, final and most ridiculous reason. A few weeks ago I was at a bridal luncheon at a local tea room with my girlfriends (Pre-Wedding for the new Mrs. Kapp). After several rounds of tea I needed a serious bathroom break. (Now keep in mind on this lovely ladies Saturday I had spent the first few hours of the morning at work in my cube.) During said potty break I started to wash my hands and was immediately infuriated that the toilet had not automatically flushed. WHAT?! REALLY DANA? Reality check girlfriend... toilets in all bathrooms do not flush automatically just because the toilets at work do... holy cow.

Anywho... Hope you gals are looking forward to restful time away from your cubies this weekend! Have a great rest of the work week!