Hello All,

Remember a year and a half ago when I used to write semi-regular blog posts? Me either. Ya know family, work, traveling, and life in general catch up with you and slowly you let things fall to the way side until you forget that you used to really love something you once did normally like ... writing a blog.

Well in light of June 4th being a very special day, and since I am currently in California for work, it seemed appropriate for me to bust out a blog to share with you something important. June 4th is our 2 year wedding anniversary and as much as I love San Diego I would surely love to give my husband a big hug tomorrow and tell him how much I love and appreciate the last 2 years he has given me. Since I can't be with him in person I thought I'd share with him, and you, all that I am grateful for in the life we are building together.

* Avert reading now if you are not interested in reading sappy love notes.*

In the last 2 years we've sold a home, moved 4 times, bought another wonderful home we love, and have since been doing home projects every free moment we have. Michael has spent a lot of his time trying to perfect every aspect of our home so that I am happy and comfortable. I am picky so this is a tall order. He never ceases to amaze me with his eye for understanding how I might think of something and than making it even better than I could've imagined. His dad is quite the handy man and Michael has been learning the tricks of the trade. When I begged him to make the tree in our front yard look like a Christmas tree during out first xmass in our new home, did he disappoint? Duh, Of course not. 

When I think of our home everything, about it makes me think of him and how much he cares about our home being, well... Ours. From his immaculate yard work, to replacing a water heater after only 2 weeks of owning our home he makes it ours. It's my safe place, my happy place, a place we want our family and friends to be, and most importantly it's ours.  

Alongside many home updates and projects we have tried to spend a lot of time with family over these 2 years. We have had some injuries and illness and a little worry especially in the last year. Michael is a rock for his family, mine, and for he and I. He may be sad at times and he may worry but he is a man who moves all of us to be strong. When his grandfather struggled this year with injuries Michael was the first to hop on a plane to Florida and drive him 14 hours back to Kentucky so he could get the best care alongside his mother, grandmother and several friends. He prays for people when they need it, he prays for them even when they don't. He finds faith when hope seems limited and he always finds the positive in a situation and tries to resolve it. Michael is a man prepared to do great things whether big or small... I love that about him.

In Michael's everyday... He works hard. He works in wound care sales and he helped developed the territory he now maintains day to day. He loves his job and he works very hard everyday to be good at it. I admire him so much for the dedication he has for his work. He cares not only about doing well professionally but the patients he helps by being the professional he is. 

The bean... What can you say about his love for the bean? I mean look at this face....

Bean plays ball... All day... Everyday. Basketball is definitely her favorite, I suppose she takes after her daddy's love of UK basketball. He loves that baby bear and she loves him with everything she has. (They also share a deep love for the 49ners.) 

Our groups of friends tends to set sail on a number of adventures. All of us together or the girls and guys alone it doesn't matter. We are all a bit obsessed with our little group and our excursions. We live for weekends where we can play and enjoy each other and maybe a few cocktails. Michael is the eternal planner and he likes to help plan for every event we may have. He loves his friends and he loves to see everyone having a good time... Including himself. This portion I feel is best portrayed in photo... 

Michael, you're the best man I have ever known and I am lucky to know you. Thank you for all you do and thank you for being the man you are. I couldn't be happier to have spent the last 2 years with you. You have created something special in our life together already and I look forward 100 more years of everything you are and will become! I love you so! 


A Mrs of 2 Years!