A Baby Pumpkin Patch

Hi Ladies,

Happy Fall to you all! Today was a very exciting day... Baby Shower Day! My best friend Sarah is having a precious baby boy. He is expected to arrive into the world on Christmas Day. Could there be a better gift on Christmas? Fall is a season of love for me and my girlfriends. Fall is when we all met each other at UK, fall is when we tailgate, go to football games, spend time at Keeneland, play outside, fall is the time when weddings have happened, when we carved pumpkins, we could jump in the car put the windows down and sing at the top of our lungs while the crisp breeze rolled across our skin, fall today was a day we celebrated a new chapter... babies. I am so excited for Sarah and Matt and their son to be, Mr. Carver Mclin Pank. I was so happy to see Sarah and of course talk everything baby boy today! Emily Bradley, Emily Kapp and myself hosted our Fall Baby Pumpkin Shower at my mom's house. My mom cooked the most delicious "baby sized" foods. As many of you know my mom is pretty much the best thing on the planet. Please enjoy the pictures of everything baby, fall, and friendship below.

Carver's Candy Table with Party Favors

The Buffet!

Hot and Cold Cider with Mason Jar Cups! 


Diaper Cake

Mommy Sarah and Baby Carver's Gifts! {atop a bail o'hay}

Dessert Table {Pumpkin Cake Balls, Pumpkin Trifles, and Chocolate Peanut Buttercup Cookies}

Sarah's Mom, Grandmother, Sister, Mother in Law, and Sister in Law


Gifts on the Hay!

Party Favors {Cake Balls}

Pumpkin Cake Balls {Cake Balls are a fine art. They are tricky little devils with the power to leave you broken hearted sitting on your kitchen floor crying covered in chocolate candy coating... I've been there sisters.}

Baby ducks about to dive in!

Carver Mclin Pank

Shower Invitations

Baby Food Jars from our shower game...have Sarah taste all the baby food and guess what flavor it is. Pretty sure Carver will never eat anything with Chicken in the title. 

The sign I made...Thanks Hobby Lobby for your bedazzley paper options.

Mommy Sarah

For his rough days at the office.


For the Safari Nursery

Duh every baby boy needs Sperrys

Whale Shaped Bathtub

Mommy Sarah and Hostesses 

Well Ladies... I hope you are as excited as I am about this sweet babes which will soon be born into this world! Congrats Mommy Sarah! We love you and sweet baby Carver!

A Newly Mrs.