Bride to Be Touring the Country...

OH Hi Lady Bugs... Long time no Blog? I know I know... dog house for me again! Honestly, I have been so incredibly busy with my new job I haven't even had time to check Facebook...much less sit down and enjoy writing a little witty ditty for my bloggie sistas...which saddens me. Also, theres this thing coming up, MY WEDDING, that I have been trying to organize like a mad woman. The problem is that I am traveling literally every week day from now until May 28th...yes that is exactly 1 week before my wedding.

A little travel break down shall we gals? OK...
Currently, I am sitting in a hotel in Madison, FL. Our work email was down briefly and so my bloggie door was opened when my work window closed! YAY! Have you been to Madison? The answer is likely NO. Let me give you the run down so you don't feel the need to vacation here anytime soon. The only hotel here is a Best Western which is situated conveniently across/next door to the only 2 dining establishments in the town. These establishments are a gas station/McDonalds combo to the right of us and a Wendys/Dairy Queen/Subway/Gas Station which is across the street. Luckily I can survive on blizzards alone so we are good there minus the fact that eating a blizzard for every meal for 3 days will likely cause me to gain 5 lbs. Actually, I'm sort of lying because we did eat at a lovely Mexican joint downtown. Sadly, they couldn't offer us the margaritas we had come in for because they had recently lost their liquor license. As a way of making it up to us he did offer us our beers to go. WTF? The liquor license made sense at this point. Instead, I ate my weight in chips and salsa. Gaining weight is NOT in the cards if I am planning to wear the big white dress I ordered. So I took myself down to the hotel gym, which is actually a hotel room converted into a gym with plastic mirrors glued to the wall and treadmill. Not a lot was accomplished because I got immediately distracted by the Royal Wedding hoopla on TV. Dear William and Kate... My wedding is better...Just Saying. And would likely be way more entertaining if televised because my friends are ridiculous and so are my parents.
After all the fantastic offerings Madison has had to showcase I got to thinking about all the remaining trips I will be going on over the next few weeks. I immediately panic when I think about it...
  • Next week Monday - Friday Louisville, KY to Dallas, Tx to Keene, Tx to Lubbock, TX back to Louisville and the home.
  • The week AFTER next. Monday - Wednesday driving to Atlanta, GA.
  • The week AFTER the week AFTER next. Tuesday - Sunday Fort Lauderdale, FL for the work week and then Friday I head to Indianapolis to meet all my best girlfriends for my BACHELORETTE PARTY!!!!!! My little girlfriends are the most lovely, beautiful, classy yet wild and crazy as hell woman you have ever met. The following statement about KY girls is 100 % true. Thanks Ashley Judd for putting it so perfectly...

"Tough girls come from New York. Sweet girls, they're from Georgia. But us Kentucky girls, we have fire and ice in our blood. We can ride horses, be a debutante, throw left hooks, and drink with the boys, all the while making sweet tea, darlin'. And if we have an opinion, you know you're gonna hear it."
*This is a weekend I can't wait for...probably one of the best times I will ever get to have with all of the girls I love the most in the world. BLISS. *
  • The week after the Bachey Festivities Monday - Saturday morning - I come home from my Bachey Sunday, jump on a plane to San Diego Monday, then to San Fransisco, then to Modesto, then back to San Fran then jumping on a red eye home Friday night and arrive back to Lexington Saturday morning.

Then its done...that's my wedding week. Did you just throw up in your mouth a little bit because you got so nervous for me? Did you consider I might have a panic attack or nervous break down through all this? I did all those things for about 10 minutes after I figured out for sure I would be gone all these days. I called my mom crying about how I would be fat for my wedding because I couldn't go to Pure Barre if I was gone alllllll this time. Pure Barre Dana? Really? That's the main concern that comes to mind? NO of course I don't want to be away from Michael and the Beanie. Then I was done with it. I love my new job. I love the people I work with and I love what I am learning to do. I also Love to travel and see things and places I haven't before. I realize the travel is a pretty stressful during this time, but it makes this time pass quickly. I want that. I am ready to have our day together and I am ready more then anything to be married to Michael. I hate being away from him and the Bean during all these weeks but our honeymoon will be the sweetest time together because we have been apart so much up until then. For that, I am a little grateful. Weird? Yes. I think it will help us to cherish the wedding day and the time on our trip even more. I love that.

I hope all you darling girls are doing well and I hope you will say a little prayer for me if you think of it! I need patience, patience, patience, and a whole lot of coffee!

Cheers and Kisses,

A Future MRS.