S.O.S...To Stylish Ladies with Fab Ideas...

Hi Ladies,

In one month from today Michael and I will be having our engagey sesh with the lovely Alicia of Aesthetiica Photography. You can enjoy her lovely stylings here and here. Because Alicia is the bomb.com I really need some input on how to make our sesh creative, us, and super fabulous chic. I have a few ideas in mind, but I am not able to committ to any of the ideas completely.

We got engaged at Talon Winery and it was raining that day. My thought was to incorporate a super cute umbrella into the photos and of course Bean would be there as well! What to wear? HELP! I need suggestions stat. You girls all know a thing or two about what looks good and what doesnt. I'm just not sure what I want to look like on that day.

Also, I need some suggestions fo some really easy 4 week diets. I would really like to lose about 5-7 pounds in the next 4 weeks. I don't want to be miserable without carbs, however, if it works I wouldn't be opposed to mild carb starvation if it means my butt looks really small. :)

Please Advise Ladies...I'm sending out an S.O.S!


College Confessions Day at Pink LouLou's Request!

Yikes... When I think back to college I giggle to myself, sort of with embarassment and sort of with a longing to go back to those carefree days of boys, booze, and new high heal shoes...and the ocassional trip to class. So here we go ladies...

1.) I would not go to class during the following weather forecasts... rain, snow, rain and snow, sun causing extreme heat that would better be suited at a pool, lovely springs days, lovely fall days... basically any days that were too awesome to spend in class, or too yucky to spend walking to class. I did really well in school.

2.) I lived in a condo with one of my best friends Emily. Neither of us are modest people by any means. Many times one of us would walk in the others room stark nude and go through their closet in hopes of finding something super cute to wear out. I miss having a roomie I can share clothes with. Sometimes I steal Michael's clothes but they arent nearly as fun.

3.) Continuing on with condo reminicing... The condo was like a club house for us girls. At one point we all stayed there, lived there, had a party for a birthday there, had a break up there, had many a make up or make out there. It was an awesome place to be and live and grow up. Sometimes I still drive by Vincent way and wish I could go back there and have a night with the girls. Granted that night would likely end in tequila shots due to Emily's obession with forceing people to take shots and sleeping on a bathroom floor...it would be worth it.

4.)I date some real weirdos in my time before meeting Michael. Most of my college was spent dating people who acted crazy, dating people who werent acting and actual were crazy, and the being on the hunt to find a new crazy person to date. (There of course was a rare gem or two along the way.) A lot of making out ensued during this time. I am ashamed to say I have no idea how many make outs may have occurred, but I know not all of them were good ideas. Beer goggles WILL GET YOU!

5.) MY final and most proud college moment was the pizza delivery guy night. I am proud and embarassed of this. I am proud because it was really good strategic planning on my part and embarrassed... well its ridiculous. My friend Lindsey and I had been at a bar, to remain nameless, our freshman or sophmore year...oopsie this bar happend to be located near a pizza place...one of which Pink Lou Lou made mention of... we decided we not only needed a pizza late night, but that we also needed a ride home. We called in a pizza for delivery, walked into said pizza joint within 5 minutes and told them we ordered the pizza and we wanted to ride with the delivery person to the house. Yes... We actually did this. They pizza delivery guy was so impressed with our resourceful thinking he took us with him and gave us free cheese sticks. WIN - WIN.

There you have it ladies... I'm sure theres more, but thats all thats seemingly appropriate to share! :)


Super Fun!!

I am guest blogging for the world traveling PinkLouLou!
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GUESS WHAT!? I Got my BLOG done!


Please enjoy the creative stylings of the lovely Pinkloulou! She totally gave life and bedazzle to my blog and I LOVE IT!! Could anyone have a better big sister? Many of you may not know but Pinkloulou and I are ADPis togther and she was my big sister! Love her to pieces! I remember being a freshman at UK and sitting in Allison and Courtney's room, at the ADPi house waiting for them to be ready. I felt so cool, so happy, and so excited to be an ADPi. I am fairly certain we were heading to a Delt tailgate and we all had on cute dresses and likely some terribly painful shoes as well. Luckily, after a few cups of Delt Magic you forget about your feet (and sometimes your morals, but that's another blog post all together :) ). 

Anywhoo, I feel pretty lucky because 7 years later, wow that's a long time, Allison and the lovely Courtney are two very good girls friends of mine! We had a lot of fun adventures as ADPis and now as sort of grown ups we have even more adventures ahead. I was actually thinking last night, after a pretty fantastic girls night, how lucky and grateful I am for the girlfriends in my life. We have a really amazing group of girls around to talk to, laugh with...a lot, and share countless bottles of wine with. So in the spirit of PinkLouLou's request today for confessions...

I confess that I have become mildly obsessed with my love of my friends and OF COURSE... My new bedazzled fantastic Blog! Thank You Allison!!! :)