S.O.S...To Stylish Ladies with Fab Ideas...

Hi Ladies,

In one month from today Michael and I will be having our engagey sesh with the lovely Alicia of Aesthetiica Photography. You can enjoy her lovely stylings here and here. Because Alicia is the bomb.com I really need some input on how to make our sesh creative, us, and super fabulous chic. I have a few ideas in mind, but I am not able to committ to any of the ideas completely.

We got engaged at Talon Winery and it was raining that day. My thought was to incorporate a super cute umbrella into the photos and of course Bean would be there as well! What to wear? HELP! I need suggestions stat. You girls all know a thing or two about what looks good and what doesnt. I'm just not sure what I want to look like on that day.

Also, I need some suggestions fo some really easy 4 week diets. I would really like to lose about 5-7 pounds in the next 4 weeks. I don't want to be miserable without carbs, however, if it works I wouldn't be opposed to mild carb starvation if it means my butt looks really small. :)

Please Advise Ladies...I'm sending out an S.O.S!


  1. I love the prop idea. One of my sorority sisters did the prop thing and the pics came out SO adorable!! She had balloons and umbrellas and even playing cards. Ill try to find the link and send it to you!

    No carb no sugar will get you 5 pounds lighter for sure!

  2. I'd recommend wearing something timeless...your favorite dress right now may not be so cute in ten years...so pick something you know you'll still love to look at in the future.

    The BEST, healthiest and non-insane way to lose weight is to count calories! Go to www.myfitnesspal.com and fill out your info, how much you want to lose (1-2 pounds a week), etc and they will give you the number of calories you should be consuming per day. Grab yourself a little notebook to keep in your purse and write down EVERY. SINGLE. CALORIE. you consume. Once you hit that daily total....you're done! It works great and still allows you to eat what you want, but if you have that 200 calorie latte in the morning you'll have to cut back at lunch!

    You can do it for sure! I can't wait to see what you decide on see your pics! Your photographer looks amazing! :)

  3. Thanks Ladies for the great tips!!! I will definitely be accepting ideas from here into the infinite future so send me some more anytime toooo..... mrsstorytelling@yahoo.com

  4. Ha ha I love you. I second all advice above. And I am going to hop on this get skinny train with you. I feel like I was doing good for awhile but now I just feel like little miss piggy. Lets go shopping for a dress for you!

  5. Love the idea! Oh so excited for you! As for a diet (I know I look like two tons of fun) but I used to crash diet before a pageant. My favoite was the fruit fast. *Idea from Amber Jones Kennoy* Anyhow, you keep your current eating habits and simply reduce your portion size, then the week of your even you fast. You drink as much water as possible and eat as much fruit as you would like. You can have whole wheat crackers at meal time. Couple that with a body wrap and water pill and you are guarenteed 7-10 lbs! Please keep in my that this is for limted time use! Also, this is my tweaked version of Ambe's idea..

  6. I should also say that this is not healthy and will give you the "runs" after a few days. So take that as your body's way of tellinh you to stop.

  7. No sugar, carbs or dairy will work WONDERS...and quick! Lots of lean meats (chicken, fish, shrimp, etc), veggies, raw nuts, natural peanut butter, celery, etc. (I refer to the diet on my blog under to topic "Weight" if you want the whole shabang! I swear by it!

    And for your pics, I agree with Kristin on wearing something timeless. My fiance and I wore white in some pics and black in others and I could not be happier with them!

    Good luck!!

  8. Morgan! I totally forgot about your fruit fast! That is a great idea! I may need to mix it with the no sugar/carb/or dairy idea from Stephanie. I'll come up with a good regime and then let you ladies know the plan and you guys will have to hold me accountable!!! PLEASE!

    Miss Allie! We can do it together for sure!!! Dress shopping is a must... I need your expert advice sister!