Proud to be My Mother's Daughter... Leaving a Legacy.


I know many of us in our teen years are reluctant to become "Our Mothers" in the future. Although, I think its safe to say as we grow older and understand our mothers and some of their inner workings and thoughts...we strive to be half the woman we know they are. This is very much the case with my mom and I.

Last summer during Miss Kentucky, some of the former winners posed a question to us in one of our interviews.... What is the legacy you hope to leave behind? A simple question, a loaded question, and an interesting question...it changes the focus of competition... it changes the path you may choose to take... it causes reflection and definitely opens your eyes if you answer it honestly. I had never really thought much about this until the moment the question came from Chera-Lyn's mouth (a former and wonderfully fabulous Miss KY). My immediate thought/answer was, "I have recently graduated, started working in the professional world and often times I meet people who recognize my last name and know my mother. Typically the person making the connection between my mom and I will say something to the effect of 'Nancy Elliott, what a lovely lady' or 'She is so kind, and such a classy woman.' I hope that one day people will talk about me that way, maybe even to my daughter... that would be a wonderful legacy." I obviously didnt make it through this answer without shedding a couple of tears. My mom is a two time breast cancer survivor, she's the reason I work with the Komen foundation, and the reason I was even standing in this interview to begin with. She's amazing, wonderful, and bascially I would be lucky to be half the woman that she is.

This is my Mom celebrating survivor sisterhood with 136 other ladies being honored at the 136th Running of the Oaks - "Pink Out for Breast Cancer"

The reason I boast about her and about legacies today is because my mom is leaving hers left and right and in a few weeks she will be recognized for it at PINK TIE GALA! My mom and I work closely with the Komen Foundation and you can read all about the PINK TIE GALA here. I've discussed it a little before. Each year at the gala a "Celebration of Life" Award Winner is recognized. The people who win this award are those who are actively involved in the fight against breast cancer, and are dedicated to helping find a cure. Who is this year's winner? You guessed it ladies... MY MOM, Nancy Elliott. Gushing, beaming, glowing with pride and admiration for her. I could not be more proud to be her daughter. I will get to be there on OCT. 2nd when she accepts her award and gives a speech about her experiences. I couldnt ask for anymore, especially considering many women don't make it through 1 round of breast cancer, much less a reoccurance. Every big moment we have together is so precious, such a milestone, and so worth everything our family went through to get here. To talk about her legacy, what she has given, who she is to her soul and very core... I could never put into words. I can only thank God that shes here to show me how to be like her.

So ladies, in CELEBRATION of this milestone and this exciting award for my mom... I would love for you to reflect on your legacy. What will you leave behind? I would love to hear about them all! Please leave them here or email them to me at mrsstorytelling@yahoo.com.


  1. Such a good post! Almost brought a tear to my eye! You would love my post on my beauty queen adventures, I just gave up my crown :( Love your blog!

  2. Thanks Girl! I am totaling going to check it out right now!

  3. Aww now See that is too sweet, and I understand fully. I hope to be half the woman my Mother and Grandmother are.. I know I will do a great job because I strive for it but just their image is a lot to live up to. And btw I love your Moms hat! Newest Follower! :)

  4. I will let her know you liked her hat!!! hahah Thanks for following! :)