Some say Black Tie, We do Pink Tie...Gala that is!


This is such an important request. Remember when I asked each of you to vote for my mom for the Oaks? Remember how important that was to me? This is just as important. For several years now, Lexington is annually blessed with an event called Pink Tie Gala. Now, my mom and I were volunteers for the beginning stages of this event years ago, we were pulled in another direction for a year or 2, and now I am heading up the Rose Raffle Committee.

The Rose Raffle is such an important part to the event. During the cocktail hour baskets of roses are circulated throughout the ballroom by lovely ladies who are volunteers. Roses are sold for $25, $50, and $100. Each rose has  number attached to it, which is later presented at the raffle desk for a secret and fabulous prize of equal or greater value than the cost of your rose. It so much fun, the guests love it because it's cheeky and cute, and the money is going to an amazing cause!

This event benefits Susan G Komen for the Cure. In years past we have been able to raise over $70,000  IN ONE NIGHT. Aside from the Rose Raffle, we also have a silent and live auction with more of the higher ticket items. Some of these include UK basketball tickets, vacations, golf clubs, any kind of creative item we can acquire through donations we take it and make it PINKtastic! One of the coolest things about this event is that 75% of the money we generate from the event comes right back to women in Kentucky so that they can receive medical assistance pertaining to breast cancer. The other 25% goes on to the National Komen Foundation to add funding for research and development for new Breast Cancer drugs and treatments.

So what do I need from my blogger friends? Your help in asking local businesses, friends, and family members to donate items for our Rose Raffle, Silent Auction, and Live Auction. There is no item to great or too small! These can be creative, they can be fun, feminine, masculine, flirty, sporty... ANYTHING! Think of anything you can do! Here are examples of items we have coming is so far or from the past...

Mary-Kay Make Up
Dance Lessons
Gift Certificates for - Golf, Dinner, Jewelry, Purses, Hair color/cuts, Photography Sessions
Pink Gift Basket from Big Ass Fans
Gift Basket from Daffodils Stationary on Leestown Road.
Golf Clubs

We need around 200 items for the Rose Raffle in various price ranges ($25-$100). Please Please Please contact me if you can think of something, someone, or somehow... you can donate!!! :) Big or small we can use it all!!!!

One final note... You can come to Pink Tie Gala to celebrate and buy items. A night of pink drinks, dinner, dancing, and helping to find a cure! Learn when, where, and how here.

Thank you friends and THINK PINK!!
~ A Future Mrs.

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