New Year Resy List..


Clearly item numero uno is DON'T PROCRASTINATE. Which is awesome because I am already 6 days late on this post... Dang. The idea of New Year resolutions has always been a foreign subject to me. Typically I do not make one, however this year I feel as I get older it may be time to start buckling down with some goals prior to life happening around me with no purpose. One thing I always used to tell my dance students was "Do it with Purpose" I think the same thing needs to start applying to my everyday life. I wake up everyday, go to work, workout if I'm not being lazy and eating carbs instead, lay on the couch, rehash the days events with the soon to be hubby, go to bed and repeat. We live for weekends and we definitely make the most of those 1.5 or 2 days depending on work schedules. But I want more than that. Thus, this year its time to make some resolutions and wake up everyday as if it were on PURPOSE rather that just a result that habitually repeats itself.

Here goes Gals the list of "To Do's" for 2011:
* Don't procrastinate...duh
* Plan a super fantastic wedding day for Michael and I. I want this day to be one WE remember and love. Of course I want our friends and family to have a blast and to love it too, but this day is truly a day for us. So I'm going to go ahead and throw it out there people... if you want to talk to the Bride on the wedding day... you better pack your dancing shoes because that's where you'll find me... all night!
* Blog on a more regular basis...because I do love writing and I do love the feedback I get from you lovelies!
* Be positive... try not to let thing get me down even though they are difficult.
* Be a better daughter, fiance, friend, sister, employee, co-worker, teacher, volunteer, overall be a better me.
* Be active... I want to be at a weight and body I am comfortable with, happy with and I can maintain. Pageant weight isn't a livable weight, but where I am now is not where I feel most happy and healthy in my skin and that's the goal. I want to be happier in my skin.
* Get back to the happier, more light hearted, more energetic girl I used to be. I feel like the stress of the everyday or the life surprises you don't want because they are no fun have started to wear on me. Sometimes it makes me easily agitated and hostile. That's not the girl I want to be... and so now I'm not going to be!

What are you resolutions ladies?! What things can I look forward to reading on your bloggies in 2011? Accomplishments? Dreams? I would love to hear them all!



  1. I love your goals! Mine are kind of random this year. One is to pay off my credit card. And another is to start fresh and forget the things that bothered me in the past! Life is too short to dwell. I'm trying to exercise just a little bit each day to try to get into a routine... we'll see how that goes! Happy New Year! :)

  2. Happy New Year Girl!!!! Those are super awesome Resys! Good Luck in accomplishing each one!