1 Month, The One, and Onesies

Hi Ladies!

I am not even going to start my blog with an apology this time... I realize I am probably in so much trouble for having not posted in FOREVER! I also need my bloggy design master... *cough* Le Pink Lou Lou, to update my "Future" to "Newly".  As you all may have noticed I am slightly boggy impaired. Being that I have officially been married 1 month this week I figured it was time for an update on life, love, and marriage in a serious way!

So let's start with the most blissfully amazing day of my life shall we? Can I even put into words the joy that I felt on this day. To steal a phrase from a friend of mine, I would compare it to your entire body bursting into glitter. (As you all know I have an affinity for glitter, so I do not use this term loosely.) The wedding weekend began Thursday with a kickoff cookout at my parents house. Anyone who was in town and had time to stop by, did. It was wonderful. My Mom's wild high school friends were there and had my dad doing tequila shots by 8:00. I now understand #1 more about my Mom and how she is with her friends and #2 where I learned my party skills from.

Friday was my beautiful bridal luncheon hosted by "The Dance Moms". This is a very special group of ladies. Short of a sorority in elementary/middle/high school...  dance, and more importantly the girls I danced with, were my sisters. We grew up in a studio playing make believe everyday after school to a background set to music. Our moms glued eyelashes, sewed sequins, traveled a million miles for competitions, and probably spent a million dollars... all for 4-7 minutes of dance (472 times over) and a life long friendship among the dance moms and their daughters. It was so amazingly special. A room full of the girls I love the most, the women who raised us and who we model ourselves after. Bliss. Friday night was the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. Michael surprised me with the BEST slideshow of our lives and now of the beginning of our life together. I will post this once YouTube allows me more then a 15 minute window of video time. Any suggestions on that?

After the dinner we had a girls sleep over at my mom's house. Up chatting and having wine and talking about the big day to come. I would say, other than walking down the aisle, the moment I was looking forward to the most on this day was staying at my mom's house. For holidays, sicknesses, breakups, and anytime I just miss her I love to stay at my mom's house and sleep in her room. There's something soothing, comforting, and peaceful about sleeping next to your mom. I knew on this night I wanted to lay down with her, just us, just girls, just giddy about the day to come and enjoy every moment of being her little girl on this night. I thank God for letting her be here on this day. Bliss.

Saturday... the day... I woke up with all my sweet girlies got Starbucks and headed to our little prep station! We had mimosas and yummy treats. We got ready at the Boone Center which is also where the reception was. Little Pink Lou Lou and Court Court came to be my day of ladies! They are awesome! They set up nick nack paddy wacks all over the Boone Center for us. You can see some of the awesome details of the day along with some teaser photos here.

**Alicia is an artist. She thinks so creatively and has a magic touch behind each special moment she captures. I am so so so very thankful that she was here on this day... not only because she captured some of the most precious moments of my life, but because her presence is a blessing in itself. I couldn't be more happy with the album of wedding proofs she sent me today! As soon as they are ready a post WILL be made darling dears! **

And then before I knew it I was in my wedding dress, my mom pinning my veil, seeing my dad for the first time, taking pictures at all the locations we had planned, almost killing the trolley driver for never picking up the groomsmen or the groom  (oops how'd that slip in there?), riding in the trolley with all my girls waiting for 6:30, and then finally standing in the back of the church with my dad waiting to see Michael for the first time, my one... The One. My sweet Dad, he held my hand so tight like he always has. Bliss. One of his friends made a video of my dance with my father which is so sweet. I will post that soon.

I feel like I blinked and we were married and in Mexico. Pretty much the most amazing feeling in the world. As I sat on the plane the morning after the wedding I couldn't help but think about my sweet friends and laugh with pure unaltered joy. They were all still sleeping/drunk from the night before in this moment I was having, but none the less I was thinking of them and how lucky I am, we are. I love you dear hearts. When I said earlier that I felt my body was bursting into glitter... you are the sparkle in my heart. Thank you, thank you so much. My heart is still overflowing for you. Bliss.

The honeymoon... Incredible. We laid by a beautiful pool and ocean, drank waaaaayyyyyy too many frozen drinks, got a little sun burnt, I gained like 5 LBS from the all inclusive dining and ohhhhhhhh.... you may have picked up on my theme from the blog title. What was the third phrase? Oh yes...Onesies! As in what babies wear. Pump the breaks ladies! I'm not preggo but my bestie and MOH is! hehe I totally had you there for a sec! Go me! Sarah is going to be the MOST wonderful mommy. I can't wait to go on this new adventure with her and enjoy every moment of this sweet time for her and Matt. I can't wait to find out if its a boy or a girl.... LET THE SHOPPING BEGIN! Sarah also writes a super fantastical bloggy blog and if you need dets on all things Southern, Bourbon, Cooking, and DUH Kentucky check her here! I have LOVED catching up tonight little bloggy belles! More to come... I SWEAR!



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