Bridal Show like WHOA

So, this Sunday my mom, Michael's mom, and myself embarked upon our first bridal show. We have never been to any bridal shows so none of us really knew what we were getting into. With that said at the end of our day we took a special field trip to Liquor Barn to reward ourselves for a long day well spent. The good news is that the three of us had a lovely time perusing each booth, the bad news is that there were like 9,000 booths.

Now this can work two ways... 1.) You can think this is awesome because you have a lot of options because there are lots of different vendors to choose from or 2.) You can be completely overwhelmed and want to hide in a corner because every person you talk to gives you 30 pieces of paper. Option one is how our day began but after about 20 minutes option two began to set in. Everyone is really nice and wants to talk to you, give you lots of papers and sign you up to win free stuff so you feel really special. After you repeat this process 46 times and are racing around to get every vendors signature on your "Bridal Passport" (Bridal Passport - a card showing that you have in fact visited every booth in the show, once you have received a signautre from each booth you turn in your passport to be in a drawing for...more free stuff).

The Bridal Passport was the most stressful part of this process because each bride has one and you all want to get yours signed by every vendor so you can be in the drawing. You aren't a "real" drawing contender if your passport hasn't been signed in full. You only have so much time to get your passport signed, so towards the end of the day you have a choice to make; run from booth to booth cutting everyone in line hoping you can get your card in on time, or you can sign the card yourself and practice creative initialing skills and drop your card in the box. I'll leave it to you to decide which I did. :) But I'll have you know I was influenced by my partners in crime on which decision to make! Anyway, we didn't win any free stuff that I know of so no harm no foul!

Overall, It was a really fun day! We tasted all kinds of wonderful reception food, fabulous wedding cakes from Cake Walk and Tinkers (This was obviously my favorite part of the day as I believe cake is the greatest food given to us by God other than pizza.). There was also a fashion show with lots of cute bridesmaids dresses, and we got some really great ideas for colors and center pieces that we could easily create ourselves! On the table for this week is visiting several locations to decide on a reception site and we are starting to register a few places! YAY! In case any of you are looking for creative and awesome gifts for the brides in your life... you should definitely contact Emily Bradley. She has some fabulous gift options for brides who love their new monogram! I love the new Tupperware she made for me with "DPM" monograms!

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