A Little News on a Big Day to Come!

So, I have a few little updates on wedding planning! There have actually been plans made! YAY! This is good for everyone involved. My Dad especially because he's been acting like his check book is burning a hole in his pocket. Not for the reason you may think... that he just can't wait to unload all kinds of cash on our big day... no no that would be wishful thinking on my part! :) The reason is mostly because wedding planning and planning in general is very stressful for him. After the initial deposit and a few decisions here and there he knows his work is done until a year or so from now when the check book is really "burning" a hole in his pocket again! Love you Dad and thank you!

Now, my Mom on the other hand is ready for all things wedding, and planning, and all the fun girlie amazingness that goes along with that! The venue for the reception is just the tip of the iceberg in her eyes. Now its on to flower arrangements, food choices, dresses, registering, organizing my home to accommodate anything else being there besides me, Beanie, and now my new roommate my Fiance!

So now onto the real details of my post today...the plans so far....
Reception Hall:
The lovely Hilary J. Boone Center on UK's campus.
You can check it out ahead of time at:
The Date:
June 4, 2011
The day will be captured by:
Alicia Fierro-Gehres of Aesthetiica Photography, LLC
You may view her lovely artistry at

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