I did "WIN" at the Bridal Show... I think?

Wow! I received excellent news this week! Just when I thought I had won nothing from the bridal show... I was wrong! I won 3 personal training sessions at Cross Fit of Lexington. http://crossfitmaximus.com/ Above is a photo of a Cross Fit Bride, at her wedding, doing push ups. Show of hands...how many of you can see me reenacting this moment in my wedding dress? No One?...Thats what I figured.

Well depsite my obiviously reluctant feelings towards claiming my lovely prize package, I did. Against my better judgement I went in last night and completed my first work out. Today, I am lamenting this decision when I try to sit, breath, cough, laugh, walk, etc. After meeting with Jordan and letting him torture me for an hour I thought "WoW the 500 meter row, 40 prison squats, 30 sit ups, 20 pushups, and 10 pull ups all in under 9 minutes wasn't too bad". Wrong again... I can only hope that I'll be able to lift my arms long enough to put my bra on in the next few days. According to Jordan, being in this much pain means it's working and I'll see toned muscles and weight loss in no time. What it means to me is that I have earned myself a bottle of wine and an order of cheese sticks tonight for Greys! YAY! Probably adverse for all of Jordan's points but definitely more my style.

So, I think I won? But the jury is still out on whether this was a win for me or whether this is the bridal show Gods punishing me for cheating on my bridal passport signatures at the show! (See Bridal Show Friend or Foe - for details on this)


  1. Trainers are supposed to stimulate your muscles not murder them! Bad Jordan.

  2. dear baby jesus...i am so glad that you are a blogger!!! i am so happy for you!