Something Special for a Special Someone!

Hello Friends,

Today I have a special request for someone extra special... My mom! I need you to do me this favor. Consider it a belated birthday gift to me. I nominated my mom to be a part of a special event for the Kentucky Oaks this year! For the last 2 years the theme of the Oaks has been "Pink Out" for Breast Cancer. Which is an awesome display of a big event promoting awareness. As many of you who are close to me know, my mom is amazing and is a TWO - TIME breast cancer survivor, and the only woman in our family to be a survivor actually.

This year as an even grander jesture for survivors they are selecting 136 lovely ladies to represent ALL BREAST CANCER SURVIVORS in a PINK PARADE on the day of the OAKS! These 136 women will get treated like the queens that they are at the 136 Derby running! I need me mom to be a part of this very special event. Below is the link where people can join the oaks website, login in, and cast their vote. It' really easy, quick, and FREE! Plus you can get updates on Oaks and Derby events if you would like! You can only vote 1 time for my mom, but if you encourage other people on your Facebook, Twitter, and BLOGS to vote for her...your vote and a little of your "creative advertising" can turn into many more! The voting ends March 26th. Below is the link to vote and the story of our family and how she overcame breast cancer! I would really appreciate your votes for her and if you don't mind your "creative advertising" as well!

Thank you all in advance!!!!

A Future MRS.


  1. Hey Dana!

    Just voted for your mom :)


  2. Thanks Girl!!!! I really hope she is one of the 136!!!!