What the "BIG DAY" really comes down to...

First off HAPPY EASTER WEEK and HAPPY KEENELAND OPENING WEEK! We are celebrating with a festive Easter Blog Background!

Today I sent our deposit in to reserve St Peter Catholic Church in downtown Lexington. YAY!!Its a lovely, very traditional looking catholic church that many of you may have seen as part of other weddings. I may be getting ahead of myself here. Lets go back to how Michael and I came to choose this church...

Since we got engaged I have been talking about having our ceremony at St Peters 1.) Because I love the very traditional looking feel it has 2.) Its really lovely inside as well as spacious and 3.) It has a really long aisle which means my Dad and I will get to spend some extra time together walking down it :) So about a week or so ago Michael and I went to Sunday Mass at St Peter so we could get to know Father John List. An unknown to him, interview of sorts. However, the real interview began after Mass when Michael and I sat down with Father John so he could interview us! YIKES! What we thought would be a short meeting turned into 2 1/2 hours of conversation, decision making, and questioning. The questions were fairly basic in nature but each seemed to be loaded and much deeper at a second glance. Father John had to ask us a series of individual and private questions to determine that we were fit to be married in the Catholic Church and by him. Talk about intimidating. The questions range from your place of baptism to whether one of you is forcing the other into marriage. Depending on the day Michael might say 'Yes' to the latter of those two examples.

The end result... We are fit to be married in the Catholic Church! We have about 3 months of classes to complete within the Diocese to be completely "fit". Although that seems like a daunting task, I'm secretly looking forward to it. The classes are designed to help couples resolve issues that they may never have considered as a couple. I think it will be interesting to go through these together! One that I am not so pumped for... Natural Family Planning. I'm not going to explain it (because it scares me), but please feel free to look it up. It will definitely help explain why catholic families are pegged as being large (i.e. lots of children). I could not be more excited for this day to come. I'm even more pleased that most of the big decisions have been made. Now, If only my mom and I could come to a conclusion on the wedding dress. I have my favorite and she has hers...I'm pretty sure Im going to win! :) Love you mom!

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