Time for a Vaca! Off to HHI

Hi Friends,

Sorry it's been a while and I've neglected my blogging duties! I have no wedding updates currently except that we have engagement photos in 2 weeks and I could not be more excited!!! BUT...FIRST... We will be leaving tomorrow for Hilton Head with 4 other couples! Jeolous? Yes! I knew it!

I am literally so excited I can't even express it in words. It has been 4 years since I have last gone on vacation! DANG! You see each summer I typically go to "pageant summer camp" for Miss Kentucky. Well, now I am old and have aged out and get to take a REAL vacation this year. Now I loved my time at Miss Kentucky, and would never trade those experiences for anything, however it is far from a vacation. In fact getting ready for Miss Kentucky was always like a full-time job in itself. Work outs, interview prep, dance rehearsals, work outs, talent practice, diet watching, work outs, gown shopping, swin suit ordering, work outs, and the most time consuming part...did I mention working out?
So when I say a "REAL" vacation what I mean is no crazy carb cutting diets, no misery over trying to fit in a size 0 swim suit or evening gown, and no stage lighting showing off the cellulite I can never keep under control. :) This year I get to wear a normal size bathing suit, work out like a normal person (except for when Ellen takes me to Pure Barre with her and Catherine and they try to kill me via ballet infused weight training), drink lots of beer in the sand, and go out with my friends guilt free. So you can see the difference here... obviously less stressful and more like a vacation. Plus, this is the first beach trip Michael and I have ever been on together and I am really looking forward to that as well! Pictures will follow... probably none in my swim suit, but depending on the day and how much has been consumed from our cooler I may get "distracted" and allow one to be taken.
XOXO from the Island,

A Future Mrs.

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