Something New I'm not really in to....

My new Doctor...

So Ladies... I told you I recently started a new job... Which I LOVE! The people are wonderful (including my new boss...shes amazing!), I get to travel soon to Chicago, and I am typically busy most of the day which is super nice! Of allll the lovely new things I enjoy about my new job there is one looming, daunting, and horrid thing... I have to go to a new doctor. Now, I am not the type of gal who gets super attached to one doctor and must see him and only him for all the days of my medical life. However, I do have standards and some of those include having a doctor who is knowledgeable about medicine, medical care, and basically has been to medical school. I am not sure my new doctor meets these requirements based on my first visit last week. Here's how it went down...

In order to be kind I wont share who or where this office is but you are required to have an extremely extensive first visit in order to be seen regularly so they can "get to know you". My initial visit entailed the following blood tests, peeing in a cup, vision testing, hearing tests, a physical, breathing testing, exercise testing, and finally drum roll please.... the body fat test. Once this test commenced I knew my doctor had gotten is medical degree online. I laid on a body scan machine which told me I had 38.1% body fat. I am 5'2" and I weigh, after my cleanse and continued dieting, 120 LBS. Having 38.1% body fat according to my weight and height would put me in the category of MORBIDLY OBESE. ARE YOU KIDDING ME!? I about passed out. I was shocked I couldn't believe it. It's freaking 3 months before my wedding and my quack of a doctor just told me I was morbidly obese. Talk about needing to be talked off a ledge. They never even weighed me or measured my height...where did this number come from? They gave me a food journal and told me to come back in a week for a physical endurance test. No thanks.

I went to Pure Barre that day and the little ladies there did my body fat percentage using their scale and also some measurements online which both came out to 25%. This to me made sense because I work out all the time, eat fairly healthy now, and have lost 11 pounds in the last 5 months. I have never been higher then 25% body fat... even in my prepageant days when I started working out with a trainer... I was 25% body fat then as well...no muscle... and a lot of pizza.

In addition to that special moment with my new MD, he insisted I have a tetanus shot. I asked if it would make me sore or sick. He said, "Maybe for a day or so but nothing big". LIES... ALL LIES! It is a week later and my arm is so sore I can hardly put my shirt on in the morning. I went back to see him yesterday for my physical assessment which I cancelled due to my arm feeling as though it were about to snap off. Instead we chatted about my horrible arm pain. His remedy... Ibuprofen and a hot wash rag.

Dear New DR,

I think our time together will be short lived. Until I see proof that you have an actual medical license, from somewhere other than "MD Certified Online in ONLY 12 months", I will no longer be needing your medical services. You have broken my arm, crushed my spirit with your body fat percentages, and overall taught me that the stethoscope around your neck is more or less decoration. I not completely convinced that you didn't steal that from the supply closet and are masquerading around the office room to room and just haven't been caught yet. I'm on to you Sir. When I have this left arm functioning again... You better sleep with one eye open.


Cheers Ladies,

A Future MRS.


  1. aw -- I'm sorry you had such a bad experience. You should consider contacing your insurance company and letting them know that this dr on THEIR list isn't really up to par. =/ Seriously. I went to a dr. recommended by my insurance and I was scared to death in the lobby and then felt dirty after just sitting in the exam room. I contacted the insurance company and said they should be removed from the accepted list for reasons a, b, and c. It was horrible.
    I hope you find a dr you like!
    On a positive note -- so glad to hear you are loving you job!

  2. Thanks Girl!! I may contact our HR department and find out how long we are going to be staying with this provider! YIKES!

  3. This doctor sounds awful. I agree that these body scan things must be skewed because a doctor recently told my very skinny nephews that they were obese as well after being in one. I promise that you are definitely not anywhere close to fat. I hope you find a better doctor ASAP!

  4. Are you kidding me?! Obese yeah right! When I first moved back to Lex, the first doctor I saw SUCKED. He was at a largeeee medical office in Hamburg. When my blood pressure was a little high, I told him I'd been stressed, and he condescendingly said "What do you have to be stressed about?" Ugh. I switched to Dr. Dixon (@ Lexington Clinic East) and I like her so, so much better. Good luck!

  5. Interesting! This practice is also in Hamburg! I bet its the same place!

  6. I wouldn't be surprised if it's the same guy! His first name was John and his last name began with an R, I believe! Such a tool!