Skincare First... Then Makeup... and other Life Goals.

Hello Lady Loves and Happiest of Fridays!

I am still in shock that it is now 2015. Where did 2014 go? I feel like it flew by in a flash and then it was on to the next. I'm sure you are reading a lot of 2015 proclamations at this time of the year. Sorry, this will be slightly in that vein too, but hopefully informative in your personal success goals for 2015 as well. I have some goals that I am going to reveal to you... some embarrassing and some pretty fun. In an effort to try my best to make the most of 2015, and not let time slip away, I think having a group to answer to is helpful.

2015 Personal Goals... yikes.

The Big Thirty is upon me in only a few short months. March 13th to be exact. If you've read my blog before you know that I did pageants, danced competitively, and basically spent the majority of my life up to this point dieting. That said, I hate dieting. I absolutely love carbs in any form. Bread is #1 on this list followed more specifically by pizza. The fact is that I have, what I assume is a 700 pound woman living inside of me. Its a struggle daily to remind her that I can't afford to buy new pants right now so we need to not gain weight. So I would like to attempt to get between my competitive pageant weight (which was 105) and my wedding weight (which was 115) by my 30th bday. Possible? Yes. Easy? Not exactly. I am currently 126. EKKKK. I just told you my weight. Don't repeat that. I'm only slightly over 5 feet tall so I think hitting 112-114 is an attainable goal. More so than anything else... what you eat makes the biggest difference in your weight loss and overall feeling of your health. Sadly the old saying "You are what you eat." is accurate. My name is Dana and sometimes I am a whole loaf of bread from Malone's, perhaps a delicious cupcake from Gigi's, or even an ever delightful slice of Jet's Pizza. For the next 2 months I plan to be mostly green veggies, fruits, and meats. For some amazing meal plan and cleanse options visit my buddy Bryen here. I have followed one of his cleanses for years now when I am in need of a reset on my body. It ALWAYS works, when I WORK IT. Enjoying some gym time won't hurt either. 

In addition to the weight loss goal... taking care of my skin is next on the list. Why forget about your skin health when you are already focusing on the inner and outer health of the rest of your body? As a makeup artist, people ask constantly what to use makeup wise to have the best skin possible. The answer is not makeup alone. The origin of the solution is washing and moisturizing your face. If you aren't taking care of your skin, makeup can only go so far on a daily basis as well as for a special occasion. I mean the point of makeup is not to look like Mimi from Drew Carey.

While I do enjoy a nice toddlers and tiaras style headshot, this is not the goal image for a Tuesday dinner with the gals. The point is to look like a naturally enhanced version of yourself. With 30 fast nearing I was afraid if i didn't make it a priority now to handle skincare first... I might look like an old mop in like 10 years. Not great for business. For this reason I have become a consultant for Beautycounter.  Allison and I both decided it would be a huge benefit to the brides who patron PinkLouLou Design Studio if we both became consultants so we could provide the natural, safe, and effective products made available to us through Beautycounter. I am taking this in stride because I had to get in the habit of ritually washing my face each night and applying moisturizer both day and night. Believe me ladies, after a night of cocktails the last thing I was to do is lather up, but I'm trying to make it a focus. So far, we are good, 8 days in of course, but good. If you are interested in trying any samples of Beautycounter to see if this is a goal you can set for yourself... hit me up dana@pinklouloudesignstudio.com . If you want to just give a few of the products I recommend a go... then order here. :) I suggest starting small and adding on as you like products. The good news is that there is a "no questions asked 30 day return policy" if you don't like a product. Thats pretty amazing if you ask me. The full Essential Face Collection is a big assortment as shown below.

I would say to start small, like I did, and select maybe 2 products you can commit to using everyday. I actually selected 3 products for myself and they are the Routine Cream Cleanser, AM Hydrating Cream, and the Lustro Oil #3. I mix the oil with my moisturizer. I struggle with rosacea on my face and the #3 Oil has really helped cool that out under my makeup. The next addition for me will be the PM Hydrating Cream because I have loved the AM Cream so far.

2015 Professional Goals... Bring it!

For some reason, personal goals are always a little more daunting than the professional ones. I think when you love what you do it never seems like much work... just more like your life. Allison and I were truly beyond blessed in 2014 and could not be more grateful for those who supported our work. 

Weddings galore is what we really want. In 2014 we were so excited to work with our brides and we worked with a lot of them! In 2015 we want to keep that momentum growing and building and work to have as many amazing brides as we did last year, and then some. From bridal party chats full of laughs to pinning the final veil in, this past year was more than we could've hoped for. 

Marketing like whoa. You may have thought we marketed before, but in 2015 we plan to bring the heat. We stepped it up with some awesome opportunities with KY Bride Magazine and the new Lexington Scout Guide. GET YOUR COPIES PEEPS! Social media is such an incredible tool to grow our business and to help spread beauty tips and ideas to anyone, anywhere. Sometimes I slack on the social media game like not blogging for a long period of time... forgetting to post photos to my instagram, pinterest, Facebook, and twitter. No more. Prepare to want to unfollow me. Just kidding... don't unfollow me. I promise they will be worth scrolling through. 

Say 'YES' to new things and don't be scared to try something different. We typically pride ourselves on saying 'Yes' to requests and finding a way to make it work. I think 2015 will bring a huge assortment of new opportunities that we didn't know would be out there for us and we are ready to take them on. From photo shoots to destination weddings we are ready for some adventure. 

Meet, greet, and collaborate with vendors, old and new, even more. We are lucky to be able to work with some of the most incredible vendors out there and if there are opportunities in 2015 to do that more... we're in. If you are a vendor with an idea in mind of something you need hair and makeup for, contact us! We would love to pass ideas around and find a collaboration that works for us all! Reach out to me at dana@pinklouloudesignstudio.com. 

Sell things. A lot of the things. We have a shop via our website which you can check out here. We want to expand that shop and bring more unique gifts to our brides and their bridal parties. Send us your requests! We both want to expand the sales of our Beautycounter collections as well. We truly feel that this line of skincare, for adults to kids, will be hugely popular with those conscious of using health focused products.

Welp friends. I think that about covers it. Stay tuned for updates on how these goals are coming. Especially the birthday weight loss goal. If you see me devouring Drake's tater tots... remind me that your read this. 

Cheers to 2015 and to you!

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