It Was the Year 1938...

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Hope all is swell in your worlds today! So far since my last post on life goals, things have been moving right along. Gym, Broccoli, Washing my face... all on par for now. As I started to delve further into these goals I began researching a few things. Whats on the list? Well it goes as follows:

1.) New exercises to work on at the gym. You know, so that I don't get bored after 20 minutes and decide that having walked 1 mile and pretended to know how to use the ab machine is a sufficient work out.

2.) New recipes that include mainly veggies and meats. Thus far anything mixed with Spaghetti Squash is my jam. I mean seriously this stuff is so easy to make, facades itself as a pasta, but is actually a veggie and only 42 calories a cup. Boom. Your mind has been blown. My favorite spaghetti squash recipe is to cook the squash, separate the inside into "noodles" by scraping it out with a fork. Then create your favorite pasta sauce and top the squash. I usually go ground turkey, tomato basil sauce, fresh basil, mushrooms, broccoli, and a little bit of mozzarella if I'm feeling frisky. 

3.) PinkLouLou Valentine's Weekend Mini Glams! Our NYE Mini Glam sessions were such a success that we decide we better bust them out again for the big V Day. You can learn more about these bad boys and book yours with us today by visiting our boutique site here. :) They will be a blast! Champs, apps, and girl gossip while glamming? Don't play, you know you'll be there.

4.) Learning more about Beautycounter Products and the culture of the company and how it originated. One of the most eye opening things I learned can be revealed in this super quick and sweet 2 minute video. Please enjoy. 

I'm sorry, but did she say 1938 was the year the US last passed federal law regulating what we use in products that we put on our freaking faces, skin, lips, eyes, hair etc? WTF? To really give you a sense of what was going on in 1938 let's check out some advertisements of the time...

Umm this is a lingerie Ad from March 15, 1938. I thinks some of these are actually coming back 77 years later.

An Ad for basically what existed prior to the rolodex... I actually didn't know there was something before that... Anyway it appears that its a "Ideal Xmas Gift" so hop on that for next year. 

Apparently, this lady took an adage from Beyonce's playbook and just woke up like this. Oh plus vitamins of course. 

I mean you get the picture... it was a long freaking time ago. The government tends to regulate most everything else for our "safety", but why not these products that we use everyday? I'm a little shocked that this issue has not been addressed by any of the major beauty companies out there to but I guess if its "not broke don't fix it", right? Well something is broken, and Beautycounter saw the need and stepped into fix somethings. We live in a world with almost unlimited access to the best foods, exercises options, sometimes jobs depending on the year, and even knowledge at our fingertips due to the growth of social media/ the internet. It's amazing to me that Beautycounter is about to turn only 2 years old in March and already reaches thousands of women across the US with 1 main mission in mind. 
To get safe products into the hands of everyone.
This is why I knew I had to be part of this change and part of the growth in this incredible company. You can learn more about the mission and other terrifying facts about the chemicals in most of our daily products here. To be a part of the change yourself, take the first step and checkout some basic products that you can use in your household. My post last week explains what basics you can start with here. There's even quick links to purchase with me. {Wink, Wink}
Meanwhile, when I was doing research on the above ads from the 1930's I found some amazing dating tips from the same time period. I mean with Valentine's Day right around the corner I figured we could all brush up with these little gems. They are super helpful after all. 
Out, damn wrinkles! Eyebrow raising re-adjustments of the underwear department are most certainly not encouraged
You can ask my husband, and I think Brad Paisley agrees, you will always be waiting on a women. I'm sorry that I'm not sorry.
Lookin' good: Or not, as the case may be. Men DON'T LIKE to witness public make-up application, it seems
Meanwhile, in 2015, I'm trying to figure out how I can convince my husband to learn to spray tan me. Guess I've got this all wrong.
Look happy: Never look bored (or at least not on dates) order the tips authors
Sometimes I sit like this, but maybe also in my underoos. I think that violates this rule and the next one.
Girdles and stockings: Specifically, a problem of the past, perhaps, but let it be noted that men have wardrobe malfunctions, too
I wish I could find my girdle. 
Not the rear-view re-touch: Heaven help she who uses a mirror for anything another other than reversing
Oopsie. I do this within the first 30 seconds of being in the car. Every. Time.
Nice threads: Your new knitted tee may look a million dollars, but do not bore your man with the details
Wait, he doesn't want to talk about the puppy picture I found on Pinterest?
But, darling: Public displays of affection were far from the done thing in 1938 - Tom Cruise, take note
Ok, in his defense, she appears to be giving him a wet willy and I think I'd be annoyed too.
Strictly deserving: All men deserve women's attention, say the tips' authors - this poor woman is in a catch 22, we sense
Well, this is a good point. Maybe don't talk to your waiter about how you were just here last week with your other boyfriend and it was actually way more fun than this guy with all the rules about stockings, mirrors, and wet willys.
Seemingly clever: Alcohol will make a girl silly, apparently. We wonder what it does to men in 1938
Well hell, don't be getting clever now. Good thing most of us are just silly.
Green-eyed monster: Focus on your date, lady, not on hers
Maybe she should've sat at that other guys table? He seems cool with the public head rubbing.
Game over: While we can't fault the 'don't drink too much and pass out' tip, pandering to your date's every whim IS likely to be tiring
Passing out is maybe not your best move. But hey, he's still paying the tab so that's a win. Plus, she looks super comfy and still has her cocktail in hand like a true lady. No spilling on that pencil skirt, girl.
Ok single ladies, get out there and get you a man for Valentine's Day. Then call us for your Mini Glam. :) 

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  1. That was the funniest thing I've read on a blog in a while! What a fun post. I'll be sure to heed those rules...not.