Same Girl... Fresh Face

Well hello blog lovelies...

Notice anything different? {cough, cough}

I mean how about my bloggie face lift? Not sure if you boos noticed I was still writing as a future Mrs... Meanwhile I'm approaching my 4th wedding anny. Oopsie. 

Clearly my blog took a back seat to the otherwise insane behind the scenes bridal and event glamming that's been going on. So I called upon Chelsea, owner of Bella Lulu Ink, to glam me for change. Well by me I mean my bloggie but you get it. Allison, (you now her right? Hehe) suggested Chelsea's etsy shop to me because she has fantastic options to liven up your blog quickly and easily. Allison knows my limited tech abilities. I.e. trouble shooting questions like "how does my computer turn on?" etc. Enter Chelsea.... Sure enough Chelsea actually set this whole look up for me... In like no time, and at a well worth it price! If you ladies are thinking of starting a blog or just giving yours a fresh face, get with Chelsea asap! 

Now, to this new blog. Previously, my blog was more focused on the shennanagains that any newly engaged or married gal would experience mixed with some other goings on like... I don't know weddings and glamming etc. I feel like a different gal now that 30 has arrived. Thats right 30. This handsome muffin planned a super fun birthday weekend of adventures.

Despite the multiple crisis situations like... several trips to urgent treatment, a broken hand, and the home we rented in Nashville for SEC weekend canceling our reservation 1 day before we arrived... the weekend was a great success. NEVER RENT from this guy if you would like to actual stay in the house you rented.

I don't know, maybe it's a quarter life crisis, maybe it's self employment, maybe it's just that I'm living a totally different life than 4 years ago? Hell I'm living a totally different life than 8 months ago. It's happier, lighter, and everyday is different. I think that this happier, lighter life style truly prompted a need for a new look, one more current to who I am now.

They say your 30s are some of your best years. You are more in touch with who you really are, and you accept who that person is a lot more easily than your 20 something self would have. I believe that. I also think you are a little more accepting of who other people are. I think that's the best part so far. Your friends, strangers family, they all have traits that aren't like your own and sometimes, they don't mix well. In your 30s that's ok because you know who they are, love them anyway, and hope they reciprocate that love for you when you are being an asshole. 

The 30s have also become the year of the baby for our group of friends. I guess I knew this time would come and I am delighted to hear the baby announcements as they roll in via our group texts before they hit social media. Hiding a pregnancy for 12 weeks is quite a hurdle itself in this group of gals. Pass the wine. In this summer to fall alone we are about to have a little league team of babies. In fact we had two precious peanuts join the world just this week! Welcome little Miles and Camden! I'm sure there are still some sneaky mommas out there who have not yet shared their surprise because they aren't at the 12 week mark yet. Fear not, I won't taste test your drinks or demand you to do shots with me. 

There's so much to enjoy about this stage of life and I am so grateful to be in this place right now. I think that's the direction that my blog will be rolling to. We are a unique group of friends. Super close, doing well in our jobs, having been happily married, dating, or enjoying single life, maybe there is a baby on the way. We are trying to spend time together and experience all the new things our growing city is offering each day, and being ever faithful to UK Athletics. Oh and we love having a million group photos.

Q: So how does living, loving, and being in Lexington look in your 30s when you are on the adventure of growing a company with your amazing business partner, loving on your husband/family/friends, and trying to be out and about in Lexington enjoying what's new? 

A: I'm not sure yet... but let's find out together! 

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  1. Love this! What a great perspective and a fresh new face for the blog! Can't wait to read more ❤️