Wedding Weekend, Updates, and A Special Dedication!

Hi Ladies,

Hope you all are off to a fantastic Monday morning! I am struggling today after our Wedding Weekend in Rochester, NY for the Liberti/LeFrois nuptials. It was super fantastic... to say the least. So for your enjoyment...a recap in words, but more importantly, photo evidence memories of a wonderful time and amazing party.

We arrived Thursday and went to a Fish Boil. I am absolutely shocked that I have never attend one of these before. I mean we are in the south and it definitely has southern flare written all over it! Not to mention 10 pounds of melted butter, which would've made Paula Dean very proud. Good Work Mr Liberti!

Friday... was a nice little personal day for me! YAY! Nails with the lovely Bride and her friends, shopping, and getting Bean the most awesome Halloween costume very (separate post to follow on that one) Michael and the boys played at Oak Hill, likely misbehaving, and most likely being over-beveraged...which was a general theme for the entire weekend. Over beveraging = Misbehavior. The rehearsal dinner was gorgeous good friends, good food, and a secret round of bowling ensued!

My soon to be Groomy and I

Erica and TR

Erica and I

 Groomsman gift time!

 I was unaware this bowling tournament was going to occur, thus the purple argyle socks under my boots. Good news is people thought I knew about the bowling and planned my lovely socks... Go me.

The Dayton Boys

The Bride! 

 The Grooms Parents...Phyllis and Richie!

 More Dayton boys added to the mix

 The Groom realizing his 12:00 night before the wedding curfew had been breached!

You Go Weber!

Saturday night...time for the wedding and reception! Absolutely amazing! Jennifer was beautiful and of course Johnny looked great in his monkey suit! We will all remember the 3 J's... Jennifer, John, and Jesus! :)

 The Bride...Hello Gorgeous.

 Break it down!

 All Awesome Roasts Speeches... :)

 Sweetheart of Sigma Chi

 Dayton Boy Band...

 Poker Face haha

 More Poker Face :)

 Johnny decided he needed to hand out some flower arrangements to the crowd of dancers.

 Other Arrangements Johnny clearly saw and needed to make them into hats.

 And then sing.
 Get a room!

 You guys too!

 Awe! Trying to steal the Bride!

 In closing I would like to take a moment and dedicate this blog to 2 of my most loyal followers...
one Tom Monahan and one Andrew Weber. (enjoy photo below) 
Boys, without your following I would clearly be lost and so would all of your roommates and Dayton friends, who depend on you both to provide the latest "Pieces of the Peddicords" news to them. Thanks Boys! Kisses.


  1. It truly was an awesome weekend. Fun blog about it. Great meeting you Dana! Stay in touch. Judy

  2. Thanks Judy!!! So great to meet you too!!! We had the best time ever! :)

  3. I'm a new follower!! I can't wait to keep reading as you plan your wedding!!